February 21, 2024
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Public Service Governance (PSG) President Esther Waringa has called on unity within the arms of National Government inorder to deliver effective services to Kenyans.

She observed that the high cost of living continues to make life difficult for majority of kenyans and the need to evaluate the cost of energy which is the major contributing factor. Agriculture also needs to be improved to tackle the issue of high cost of food and shortage in the country.

Public Service Governance (PSG), PSG is
an organization that facilitates efficiency and effective public service delivery through strengthening and capacity development of public service institutions.

“We have done so much in this country to bring sense in governance and public service and will do more. No country can realise its revenue base by taxing more its own people. A wise, able and concerned government will reduce taxation on its own people and maximize on alternative ways of raising revenue. There are so many taxes that Kenyans are expected to pay to Government that may cause an economic collapse of the Nation by Kenyans feeling overburdened and therefore not able to fulfil this tax obligation. We are here to advice the government that there are a multiple of alternatives to raise Government development fund other
than taxing the already burdened Kenyans. This is because one of the greatest reasons why governments are in power is to give an enabling and conducive environment for its people to live in their country. We need a Wanjiku centered economy, the government need now a wanjiku centered economic advisory.
We must now as a country implement economic stimulus projects that will drive the 7 key Kenya’s economic drivers into productivity and the proceeds from this funds could finance the Government development agenda. “Said Ambassador Esther Waringa President PSG.

The Housing Levy and SHIF must not be sourced from Kenyans going through tough times.
Key economic drivers have not been given adequate planning, resources and focus by
government and stakeholders for them to be able to inject a considerable income to the country’s GDP.

ENERGY (Chief Economic Driver)
A great percentage of the economy revolves around energy. From business, to household to public and private sector. The cost of energy determines any business profitability or failure. Energy and Transportation play a critical role in manufacturing and consumption. The high cost of
manufacturing and transportation has threatened sustainability of the manufacturing industry hence investors seeking investment opportunities in our neighbouring countries. thousands have lost their jobs even as we are seeking job opportunities through housing projects, many are losing jobs because of high cost of doing business. The rising costs do not attract foreign direct investments by multinationals because it’s no longer profitable. Equally, the cost of manufacturing and transportation is shouldered by the consumer, Kenyans now buying these good at a very exorbitant price. Kenyans bearing the whole burden of production and
manufacturing. A litre of fuel is subjected to nine levies giving the Government 79.32. Value added Tax being the highest at Ksh. 29.19 per litre followed by Road maintenance levy.

AGRICULTURE (Important Economic Driver)
Agriculture remains a great potential industry towards job creation and enhancing our GDP. The agricultural sector contributing 33% of the Kenya’s gross domestic product from 15-17% of land coverage in Kenya. This % of land coverage must be enhanced to 30% in order to have an impact in production that will boost our GDP. With the high rate of poverty we must increase the land under agricultural production, more seedlings must be given to farmers, more fertilizer and more land utilities to enhance production in the next planting period.
Every devolved unit of the 47 counties must employ progressive interventions to earn revenue through agribusiness. Agribusiness and agri–industrialization is the most effective dossier to deurbanization. What is the position of County Aggregation Industrial Centres were launched recently to grow manufacturing and enhance agro industries? When I see everyday the streets in Nairobi full and the capitals population growing I tell myself that devolution has not yet given us results since we promulgated the 2010 constitution that birthed devolution.


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