June 20, 2024
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Paradigm Initiative’s (PIN’s) fourth short film is set for release on 10th December 2023, in honour of this year’s Human Rights Day and the 75th Anniversary of one of the world’s most groundbreaking global pledges, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).

The movie is inspired by findings of the organisation’s annual Londa 2022 report, which provides insight into the state of digital rights and inclusion across 24 African countries. Like preceding projects, the short film will provide exposure to some key aspects raised in the report and sensitise the public on how the issues affect them and the need for advocacy.

The organisation’s short films were screened at the just concluded 2023 Web Summit held in Lisbon, Portugal from, 13th to 16th November, 2023. The event attracted more than 70,000 individuals and enterprises redefining the tech and digital industry.

Paradigm Initiative, which is a leading pan-African organisation, has released films inspired by the findings of its annual reports on the state of digital rights and inclusion.

The films, titled Training Day, Focus and Finding Diana, have all been key to the organisation, which raises awareness and initiates meaningful conversations on topical issues plaguing the digital rights and inclusion ecosystem in Africa.

Training Day, the first of the short films is based on Paradigm Initiative’s 2019 Digital Rights in Africa report. It features the story of Jude, whose quest for work takes an unexpected turn. His first day at a tech firm takes an unprecedented turn, leaving him in a deep moral dilemma.

Focus tells the story of Mark, a budding young man who works for an enterprise facilitating financial pay across Africa. Caught up in his world and nonchalant about happenings around him, he soon experiences first-hand the dark side of internet shutdowns, censorship, surveillance, and cyber attacks. He learns the benefit of advocating for others, regardless of personal interest in their cause. The short film is inspired by the 2020 Londa report.

Based on the findings of the Londa 2022 report, Finding Diana is about Aisha Cooker, a 28-year-old journalist who stumbled upon a collection of personal data belonging to millions of citizens, including a governor she is investigating. In her quest for a better society, Aisha exposes the official, a move that puts her life in danger.

Screened at various events and platforms, PIN’s short films have received extensive feedback from viewers and critics alike, who have cited the creativity, relevance, and impact they possess. The short films have also received multiple accolades and awards, with the latest being a Bronze recognition for Finding Diana at the 2023 Summit Creative Awards.

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