July 19, 2024
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In line with its commitment to empowering over 2000 partner shops and restaurants, Glovo, the leading multi-category app, this week hosted the second cohort of its Learning & Development Training exercise for its partners in Kenya. The exercise which was designed to fortify the business acumen and overall performance of partners was delivered in collaboration with Ongoza Institute, an accelerator for early-stage high-growth young entrepreneurs in Kenya.

The initiative stems from Glovo’s steadfast dedication to promoting entrepreneurship within its ecosystem. Building on the success of the inaugural training, which was held in Kenya, the company plans to expand these developmental sessions, conducting them quarterly and improving the sessions based on participant feedback and insights. This iterative approach ensures continuous support and empowerment for Glovo’s valued partners.

“At Glovo, our commitment to impact and sustainability goes beyond business. By nurturing the skills of our partners, we are fostering a community of entrepreneurs who understand the importance of creating positive, lasting change. This initiative is a testament to Glovo’s dedication to not only thriving in the market but also leaving a meaningful and sustainable impact on the communities we serve,” commented Sébastien Pellion, Head of Impact and Sustainability at Glovo.

Also speaking on the training, Loreen Wanjiru, Program Lead at Ongoza said, “We are honored to have partnered with Glovo to deliver this training program for its partners to elevate their businesses. Glovo has shown great support to its partners to ensure their businesses succeed.”

Glovo envisions these training sessions not only as a means to enhance business proficiency but also as a catalyst for fostering a collaborative community of thriving entrepreneurs within its network. The company remains dedicated to providing its partners with the tools and knowledge needed to excel in the evolving landscape of on-demand services.

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