February 21, 2024
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Lagdera Member of Parliament Hon. Abdikari Hussein Mohamed
Lagdera Member of Parliament Hon. Abdikari Hussein Mohamed

Lagdera Member of Parliament Hon. Abdikari Hussein Mohamed has condemned the killing of two people in the Kambi Samaki area, which is located on the border of Isiolo and Garissa Counties.

In light of the recent wave of banditry attacks in the region, Mr. Mohamed has called upon the government to reassure Lagdera residents of their security. He accused unidentified individuals of orchestrating the dawn attack, claiming that their motive was to force the local inhabitants off the land in order to receive compensation.

Addressing a press conference at Parliament Buildings on Tuesday, Mohamed stated, “Last night (Sunday), my people in Lagdera constituency were attacked, resulting in fatalities. This same village was targeted in 2021, and 21 people lost their lives. The attackers are driven by an expansionist ideology aimed at displacing my people from this road to pave the way for their compensation.”

He added, “This village is located along the Garbatulla-Mandera road, which lies between Isiolo County and Garissa County. This road serves as the gateway to the Horn of Africa and is being constructed by KENHA. They want to remove my people from this land so that they can take over and claim compensation from the government.”

While strongly condemning this heinous act, Mohamed called upon the police to investigate the individuals responsible for the attack, as well as those seeking to forcibly evict his constituents from the land they have inhabited for over 40 years. He expressed concern over the withdrawal of the local chief, leaving the residents vulnerable to banditry.

“It appears that the government is succumbing to the demands of the bandits,” Mohamed remarked. He urged his constituents not to retaliate but to maintain peace and the good relationship that has existed between Garissa County and Isiolo County. Furthermore, he appealed to the government to deploy additional police officers and National Police Reservists (NPRs) to ensure the security of the residents.

“I implore the government to retain the police officers and increase their numbers to protect the people, as they are unable to defend themselves. It is the government’s responsibility to safeguard them,” he emphasized.

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