April 22, 2024
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Kenya Assemblies of God Nyahururu District Bishop Simon Kieru has come out strongly to oppose and nullify the recent verdict by the supreme court that legalized registration of the LGBTQ community as an association.

The Man of God in a news interview said:
“This is a very big mistake for our judiciary and our courts to have approved such . This is totally against our African Culture and it also goes against the Christian Teaching . Moreover, it’s against the ethics, tenets and principles of the good family institution.

On the same breath, Bishop Kieru implored upon His Excellency The President Dr William Ruto to see to it that such a decision is reversed, for it does not serve any good to anybody.

“We shouldn’t emulate everything the Western countries advocate for. We shouldn’t also sit pretty whilst such bad laws are passed. So to me I believe this is a step in the wrong direction.”

Bishop Kieru’s sentiments follows an outcry from other church leaders who tr reacted anti-supreme court Verdict.The Attorney general J.B Muturi said he is seeking interpretation to annul such a verdict that goes against the letter and spirit of our Constitution.

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