April 22, 2024
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Bishop Margret Wanjiru accompanied by Starehe MP Hon. Amos Mwago address the press in Nairobi

Jesus is Alive Ministry Bishop Margret Wanjiru has criticized the Government after it gave authority for demolition of her Church.

The church located at Haille Selasie Avenue near Mudhurwa Market was recently visited by a demolition team that claimed to have orders from the Government as Bishop Margret Wanjiru narrated.

“During the last General elections, I put my effort through campaigning for the current Regime including the President Dr. William Ruto. The same Government has now betrayed me.” Said Bishop Margret Wanjiru.

The Bishop was accompanied by the current Starehe Mp Amos Mwago. The Member of Parliament noted that, The Jesus is Alive Ministry has all the legal documents, including the Tittle deed needed to convince any authority. The piece of land belongs to the Church as the Tittle deed shows. The Mp further observed that, He is ready to fight and stand in solidarity with the Church and fight any claims of land grabbing by Kenya Railways.

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