February 21, 2024
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Earlier yesterday at the Lolgorian mining site in Transmara, four people got buried alive after the mining site they were in collapsed. It was later confirmed that three died while one got rescued and managed to get out of the mining site.

Early this morning, operations to help remove the bodies of the three that got stuck began. Two bodies have been found and one is yet to be recovered. The chairman of Lolgorian farmers of gold, Simon Odoyo Jaramba confirmed the matter saying they received news yesterday that four workers had been buried at the Lolgorian mining site after the mining site collapsed.

He said that the bodies of the two that have already been found have been taken to Kegonga Mortuary as they intensified operations to find the other remaining body. He added saying that the accident was the first to be witnessed by the Lolgorian farmers of gold which has left many in fear. The principal officer of Transmara South Pius Mbithi however highlighted that on such occasions it is always difficult to help victims that have been involved in such accidents because of the lack of modern types of equipment that can be used to help drill into the mining sites.

This comes just 9 days after the body of Tom Okwach from the Abimbo Goldmine site that was buried 7 months ago after the goldmine collapsed. Okwach was in the company of 9 others. Eight managed to come out alive. Two among them Okwach were the ones that did not make it out alive.

Since December 2nd, 2021, the family of Okwach had not given up on finding the body of their person. With the help of 15 artisan workers at the mining site,  they managed to find the body of Okwach, and Okwach’s brother confirmed that indeed it was him.

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