April 22, 2024
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Located in Muthiga Nairobi, St. Peter’s Orthopedic & Surgical Specialty has been in existence for Five years. The Center offers quality and reliable Orthopedic Services, Eye Care services as a core part of its service delivery to its clients with their healing journey.

St Peter’s orthopaedics and surgical speciality hospital has been on the forefront in providing advanced orthopedic surgeries in kenya since its inception. With the vision to avail the latest technologies and practices in orthopedics, St Peters has been able to assist many patients with very bad fractures to regain their mobility. In the past, many patients would go to India to get hip and knee replacement. This was because the service was either not available or was too expensive having it being done locally compared to going to India.. St Peter’s has however made these surgeries be available for every kenyan

And now, for the first time in kenya, St Peters has been able to successfully conduct machine assisted total knee revision surgery. Revision surgery is done to a patient if the first knee replacement fails, the doctors may recommend for a second surgery  revision total knee replacement. In this procedure, the doctor removes some or all of the parts of the original prosthesis and replaces them with new ones. It’s a rather complicated surgery and most of the time the patients have to travel or they just remain in pain.

The Hospital is led by passion and transparency with intent for a society wellbeing through access of affordable and quality medical healthcare. As an institution
It has continually innovated and advanced in technology to better track, manage and issue real time customer satisfaction to all patients and clients.

The Hospital has a devoted healthcare staff to the state of the art facilities in the hospital. St. Peters is dedicated to the well being of everyone who comes seeking.
It is led by a team of three directors
with vast experience and professionalism
in the medical business. The directors are
commited to a timely delivery and agility
in workforce operations.

The Hospitals Core Value is to offer state of the art medical services in the specialty
of Orthopedic, Opthamology and Plastic Surgeries as a core function. It also strives to offer, accessible, quality and affordable medical care to patients across the country.

In addition, the Hospital has set up a remote team to educate, offer medical camps
and sensitize communities on importance of societal wellbeing. It prioritizes the community health and the quality of creating a sustained health system for the society.

Orthopedic Services
St Peters Orthopedics and Surgical Specialty Center we have a mission to provide the highest quality care and service for all people in the prevention, diagnosis and
treatment of orthopaedic related
illnesses. They have an integrated health
system, and also offers an organized emergency department, surgery center, out patient consultation and community outreach services, all dedicated to the people.

Maternity Services
The Hospital helps mothers safely deliver,
and hold antenatal and post natal maternity care. Our Obstetrician are trained and qualified to give guidance to young families. We thrive in quality maternity care that is affordable to mothers.

ENT Services
St. Peter’s offers progressive Ear, Nose and Throat clinic with top consultation from
trained otolaryngologists. Customer get access to modern examination facilities that deliver accurate diagnosis and treatment for related conditions.


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