April 22, 2024
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Search For Common Ground has today held a Sensitization workshop that highlighted the need to address and end cases of insecurity in Lamu, Garissa and other places.

The forum also saw the launch of a document addressing on encountering Violence Extremism.

The auspacious occassion saw the attendance of Civil Society organisations, National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC) and other Government Partners.

“We are not trying to make people sign a piece of paper to stop fighting. Our goal is much broader. We want to transform conflict from violent to cooperative, to change the everyday interactions between people in conflict from destructive to constructive.
Transforming conflict can be as simple as “reframing” a situation creating a new context in which people attack common problems, rather than each other. A win-lose, you-or-me mindset just perpetuates violence because it disregards the fact that the people involved still have to co-exist after someone wins.” Said Judy Kimamo Country Director Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia.

Various issues like extremism were also mentioned during the discussions where this normally means holding of extreme political or religious views or fanaticism. The issue of radicalization of Youth was also in debate.

The Country Director further observed that, there is need to engage with the Counties and the police to end extremism and radicalization cases, With a slogan Kwa Pamoja Tuzuie Balaa.
Empowering Community leaders and Government counterparts in inspiring peace and security in Lamu and Garissa.

There is also need to sign peace deals, to make sure that we are stable, to make sure all parties are involved. Ending conflict in Lamu Garissa. Ending also acts of extremism.

Social media has also been of help by using it to advocate for issues from various groups.
Gender based violence is also tackled here.
Issues of Personification, docking are tackled to ensure the space for women and children is safe . We have also done training with Meta and part of funding we receive from various donors like USA.

Barriers towards information from affected areas have been successfully removed and
Access to justice is all that is needed.

Hon. Pascal Nabwana observed that, Alternative dispute solving mechanism do work well and where cases are prolonged in court in Lamu they have alternative dispute resolution where elders of Community solve minor cases in a Cultural way.
One is able to have people resolve cases peacefully, the succes rate on this is very high. Examples of Peace making Initiatives were also showcased.

Search For Common Ground are purposeful in creating a more diverse and inclusive culture at Search and knows that no one succeeds alone, so they embrace courageous engagement and collaboration and listen deeply to new ideas, welcoming multiple and fresh perspectives
Our differences beliefs, values, and backgrounds lead to conflict. These disagreements are natural. It’s when we respond with anger, fear, or even hatred that we’ve started down a destructive path. But violence is not inevitable. Disagreements are opportunities to learn new perspectives. Conflict is a chance to work together and find a solution that addresses everyone’s needs.

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