June 20, 2024
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Members of the National Assembly have expressed their outrage over the attack on Kirinyaga Woman Representative Hon. Jane Njeri Maina denouncing it as an act of cowardice and a regrettably primitive manifestation within contemporary political discourse.

Demanding immediate and decisive action, the legislators have called upon investigative agencies to promptly apprehend not only the assailants but also those who potentially orchestrated and financed the inexcusable attack.

The assault occurred at the Kerugoya Police Station, where clashes between two factions representing opposing political interests transpired, leaving Honorable Jane Njeri Maina severely injured and grappling with significant head injuries.

Jane Njeri Maina, an accomplished lawyer, had accompanied her client, Baragwi MCA David Mathenge, to the station to provide a statement in relation to allegations involving the vandalism of a county government water project at Mukandu-ini village the previous week.

Taking to the floor of the House on Tuesday afternoon, the legislators, led by Minority Leader Hon. Opiyo Wandayi (Ugunja) asked the investigative bodies to expedite the apprehension of the culprits and their financiers.

“We must condemn violence in all its shapes and forms. Violence is violence whether it happens in Kondele or it happens in Kirinyaga County,” declared Hon. Wandayi.

He further asserted, “These atrocities which have been meted against our colleague Njeri Maina by allegedly the county governor of Kirinyaga or her agents need to be investigated very expeditious and stern action taken against the financiers, and the perpetrators of this heinous act,” he added.

Echoing Hon.Wandayi’s sentiments, Manyatta MP Hon. John Mukunji Gitonga condemned the attack and called on the Inspector of Police Japheth Koome to probe the incident and report to parliament what transpired.

“We want to see anybody who has been involved and even for those who mobilized for Honourable Njeri to be attacked, brought to book and put behind bars,” said Hon. Mukunji.

On her part, Embu Woman representative Hon. Pamela Njoki called upon the security agencies to ensure the safety and security of parliamentarians, irrespective of their political affiliations.

“We must receive the security commensurate with our positions. It is utterly archaic for any individual, regardless of their mental state, to target and harm a defenseless woman,” expressed Pamela, as she fervently urged for the apprehension of the perpetrators.

Kisii County MP Hon. Dorice Donya Aburi, who brought the matter to the Assembly’s attention, implored her fellow representatives to unite in condemning this act of violence visited upon one of their own.

She underscored that this condemnable incident could potentially befall any of them, and without a collective stand, they might find themselves defenseless in such circumstances.

The legislators who addressed Journalists in Parliament buildings said that regardless of who is right or wrong the use of goons is unacceptable with the law enforcers required to take action and arrest those who are culpable for the attack on Njeri whom they described as a vibrant politician.

Kisii County MP also said.

“Woman Representatives have been elected to serve entire counties just like Governors and Senators, we are telling them not to feel threatened whenever we move around to serve our electorate who also put them into office, violence is uncalled for and should not be tolerated against any leader,” said Aburi.

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