February 21, 2024
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In a landmark move, leading retailer Naivas Supermarket is breaking new ground by establishing its presence in Kakamega, marking a significant milestone in its journey of expansion beyond a century.

The inauguration of the Kakamega branch is not merely the introduction of a new outlet; it symbolizes a momentous step as Naivas surpasses the 100-branch milestone. With the unveiling of its 101st branch, Naivas continues to redefine the retail landscape, demonstrating resilience and innovation in its pursuit of growth.

Situated within the newly constructed Cathedral Mall, the Kakamega branch stands as a testament to Naivas’ strategic vision, with the supermarket chain serving as the anchor tenant in this exciting venture.

Spanning an expansive 32,000 square feet of trading space across two floors, the new outlet is a manifestation of thoughtful planning and customer-centric design. Naivas has meticulously crafted a customer journey that enhances the shopping experience, coupled with a carefully curated product catalog. The interior aesthetics of the store contribute to a modern and inviting ambiance, aligning seamlessly with Naivas’ overarching mission of providing an affordable, world-class shopping experience.

“We are super delighted that we are finally making an entry into Kakamega which has certainly been the most requested branch in the recent past. I am proud that we are finally able to fulfill this long-standing request by the great people of Kakamega. They say good things take time, we have taken time and listened to our customers, understood their needs and come up with a store that not only meets but exceeds the needs of our Kakamega shoppers. This is a move that underscores our commitment to making shopping experiences easier, affordable and more enjoyable,” remarked Peter Mukuha.

“This opening is particularly exciting as it is right in the middle of our festive Annual National Consumer Promotion referred to as Kikwetu. This year, the campaign is dubbed #NaivasKikwetuFiesta and we are happy that Kakamega gets to join in, adding the isikuti flavour to the fiesta. We all know, no fiesta is complete without goodies, as has been the tradition the past 12 Kikwetus , we have a lot of offerings having in mind that times are very hard economically with ever rising cost of living. This campaign ensures that customers get to enjoy crazy discounts throughout the festive season over and above the crazy discounts, the Reward Cardholders get a chance to win gift vouchers valued at 2k each and over 1000 of our iconic mbuzi across all our branches including the
newly opened Naivas Kakamega,” concluded Peter Mukuha.

The Kakamega branch represents more than just a retail space; it encapsulates Naivas’ commitment to quality, innovation, and meeting the evolving needs of its diverse customer base. As Naivas continues to expand its footprint, the Kakamega branch stands as a beacon of the brand’s dedication to excellence and its journey beyond the remarkable milestone of 100 branches.

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