April 22, 2024
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A man has been accused of allegedly chopping off his wife’s hand in Machakos County. The couple that has been living well in marriage for the past ten years with three kids in Mlolongo started to experience turmoil when the wife, Mackline Mokeira, began to build a house for her parents.

Mokeira says she has been a mama mboga for the past five years to sustain her family together with educating her kids who she says are in very expensive private school.

In mid last year, Mokeira says she joined a Sacco that enabled her to acquire a loan which was the root cause of her matrimonial woes. Her husband, she says, threatened to kill her accusing her of infidelity, a threat she took seriously and fled the home.

It is then that the husband followed the kids to school and the kids showed him where they had fled to. He stormed the house in the evening, fished out a machete from his jacket, and chopped off her right hand. ‘I didn’t believe that he was going to do that. He wanted to finish me off. I got a chance to escape when blood spilled on his face and when he tried to wipe it off, I fled but he followed me up to the gate. It is neighbors who assisted me and he tried to flee but they pursued him and caught up with him. Luckily for him, it is police on patrol who helped him from the irate public,’ Mokeira narrates.

Mokeira says she has been grounded since she lost her hand as she can no longer be able to do her daily chores, especially the business that she used to do to cater to her family’s needs. She however says she is not ready to face her husband in court and leaves him to God to judge him.

She is pleading with well-wishers to help her set up a business that will enable her to sustain her life as she will depend on well-wishers to give her food and basic needs and especially school fees for her kids for her entire life. 0711542587- Her number.

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