April 22, 2024
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CS Health Susan Nakhumicha address stakeholders at KEMRI 14th Pre Conference.




The 14th Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) Annual Scientific and Health Conference, known as KASH 14 will this year embark on a transformative journey under the theme “Harnessing Biomedical Research Innovations and Big Data for Health System Resilience, Local Manufacturing and Commercialization.”

The pre conference was graced by CS Health Susan Nakhumicha, Dr Abdullahi Ali
Chairman Board of Directors KEMRI,Elijah Martim Songok CEO KEMRI and other stakeholders.

The Conference, kicks off with an exceptional pre-conference session that takes an innovative dive into medical manufacturing, setting the stage for our main discussions. This groundbreaking approach underscores the vital link between research outputs and the transformation of healthcare innovations into commercially viable products and technologies, reflecting our commitment to a comprehensive exploration of healthcare advancement in its entirety

” The theme “Harnessing Biomedical Research Innovations and Big Data for Health System Resilience, Local Manufacturing, and Commercialisation.” is timely as it comes at a time when healthcare solutions need scientific innovative tactics to tackle them. Our main presentation today will delve into a critical theme – “Translating Research Outputs into Health Security through Commercialization of Health Products and Technologies.” This topic underscores the urgency and importance of not only conducting groundbreaking research but also ensuring that the fruits of that research reach the masses, safeguarding the health and well-being of our communities.” Said Susan Nakhumicha CS for Health.

The Cabinet secretary further observed that, In the world of medical manufacturing, we are witnessing unprecedented advancements and opportunities. The pre-conference has set the stage for engaging discussions, and commended the organizers for focusing on key areas such as “Building a Regional Biopharmaceutical Innovation & Production Ecosystem” and “Building a Regional Medtech Innovation & Production Ecosystem.” These sessions are pivotal in shaping the landscape of medical manufacturing in our region, fostering collaboration, and driving innovation that will undoubtedly contribute to the health security of our nation.

KEMRI has recently achieved the prestigious status of being the leading health research institution in Kenya, surpassing other renowned institutions in the 2023 rankings by Scimago Lab. This global recognition extends to the African continent, where KEMRI is positioned as the 3rd-ranked institution out of 352. The institute’s outstanding performance underscores its dedication to excellence and its significant contribution to health research at both national and continental levels.


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