April 22, 2024
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Timely Kenya has conducted research about the state of the nation as of June 27-July 27, 2023 to determine the state of the nation and whether it is heading in a right or wrong direction since the reign of the Kenya Kwanza government.

According to the survey conducted it has revealed that 55.7% are right 44.2% wrong and 0.1 don’t know.

The survey indicates that Nairobi has 43%, Western 57% Mount Kenya with 74% North Rift 81%, and the wrong side 31%. The South Rift feels that 75% feel the country is heading in the right direction while Nyanza only 31% feel the country is heading to the right path and 69% extremely feel the reign has failed.

The survey further indicated that Kenyans want the president to address the nation after the 2023-24 financial year as he earlier on during the campaigns indicated to streamline the economy.

President Ruto is keen on lowering prices of basic commodities and also addressing the unity of the country, early disbursement of county Kitty, equalization fund and CDF, a government effort to boost agriculture by giving subsidized fertilizer at half price and job creation as compared to previous reign of Uhuru Kenyatta.

The public in some regions feels the country is heading to the wrong path as per the survey because of the high cost of living, state-sponsored arrests, corruption, uneven distribution of developments, and unnecessary spending by government officials.

The survey further indicates that the head of state is to address before the end of the 2023-24 financial year.

The Cost of living, the cost of fuel, corruption, competent team, development equally, police brutality, opposition, and diapers for new mothers.

Finally, the survey indicates how the cost of living is high in the covered counties such as North Eastern with 96% followed by Nyanza with 95% Lower Eastern with 91%,  Nairobi with 86%, South Rift with 84%, Mt Kenya with 80%  as Western goes with 82% as coast and North rift ties at 78%.

The head of state should highly focus on taming out the high cost of Fuel, Corruption cases and

Opposition demonstrations have paralyzed economic growth.

The survey was conducted in the 9 regions as it involved 900 correspondents and 9 represent 100 people in every region.

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