April 22, 2024
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The recent visit of the Elimika self-help group from Tana River County to the Micro Small Enterprises Authority (MSEA) in Embu/Tharaka Nithi region. The purpose of the visit was to benchmark and network with established actors in the mango value chain in Embu County.

The delegation, led by Mr. Zachary Kibara ADED of Tana River/Lamu region and Mr. Richard Mutua of CISP-rebuild project officer, had the opportunity to visit Karurumo Horticulture in the Karurumo area of Runyenjes constituency. Karurumo Horticulture serves as a hub for horticulture and produces aggregation and value addition, focusing on mangoes, bananas, and other crops. It is owned and managed by the Karurumo Aggregators and Processors Association, which has been successful in adding value to mangoes through the development of various products.

During the visit, the two groups, representing Elimika and Karurumo Aggregators and Processors Association, had the chance to interact, exchange ideas, and share success stories and challenges related to product development, marketing, and group dynamics/management. This exchange of knowledge and experiences is valuable for both parties as it promotes learning and fosters collaboration.

Additionally, the Elimika group had the opportunity to learn about banana value addition from both the Karurumo association and Faith Mbogo of Kikai Foods Group, located in Kirigi Manyatta constituency. This further enriched their understanding of value addition in the agricultural sector.

Mr. Munoru Edward, the representative from MSEA Embu, emphasized the importance of embracing intercounty entrepreneurial networks and benchmarking for the sustainable growth and development of Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs). By fostering these connections and promoting market linkages, MSEs can thrive and contribute to the economic development of the region.

Overall, the visit and exchange of ideas between the Elimika self-help group and the mango value chain actors in Embu County are positive steps toward strengthening the agricultural sector and promoting entrepreneurship. The sharing of experiences and knowledge will contribute to the growth and success of MSEs in both the Tana River and Embu/Tharaka Nithi regions.

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