June 20, 2024
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National Assembly Speaker Rt. Hon. (Dr.) Moses Wetang'ula
National Assembly Speaker Rt. Hon. (Dr.) Moses Wetang’ula

Buy maize from farmers to cushion them from exploitation by middlemen; Speaker Wetang’ula urges government National Assembly Speaker Hon. Moses Wetang’ula has urged the government to offer better prices for maize farmers through State buyouts to cushion them from exploitation by middlemen.

Hon. Wetang’ula expressed fears that farmers risk falling prey to middlemen who were eyeing their bumper harvest through low pricing.

“I have visited many maize-growing regions in the country and realised that farmers have made a bumper harvest,” said Hon. Wetang’ula.

He added: “This is as a result of measures put in place by the government such as provision of subsidized fertilizer and favourable climate among others.”

He noted that the National and County Governments should work closely to secure storage facilities for farmers and wade off fear of selling due to unpredictable markets.

“Farmers have been selling their maize to middlemen because they lack storage facilities,” he added.

Hon. Wetang’ula made the remarks at the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) Elburgon parish in Molo Constituency where he was a chief guest during the church’s centenary celebrations.

While recognizing the role the church played in the promotion of education, health and peace, the Speaker noted that it has been stable because it was built on a formidable foundation by its founders.

He commended the head of the Parish Rev. Dr. Julius Guantai Mwamba for guiding the Parish to greater heights in both spiritual and development spheres.

The Speaker expressed his gratitude to the residents of Molo constituency for choosing peace and cohesion after the region was worst hit by tribal clashes.

“Molo is the face of Kenya because it is the home of nearly all tribes in Kenya. It is good that leaders and residents have chosen peace after suffering the pain of tribal clashes,” he added.

While responding to pleas by leaders to intervene and have tribal clash victims living in slums get decent houses, the Speaker noted that the affordable housing programme would address the challenges rolled out by H.E President Dr William Ruto.

Molo MP Hon. Kimani Kuria accompanied by Speaker Moses Wetang'ula and other members of parliament in Molo, Nakuru
Molo MP Hon. Kimani Kuria accompanied by Speaker Moses Wetang’ula and other members of parliament in Molo, Nakuru

Area MP Hon. Kimani Kuria while responding to the matter noted that 5,000 units will be constructed under the affordable housing project noting that those displaced by clashes will be given priority.

Hon Kimani who is the Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on Finance blamed the deteriorating exchange rates for hoarding of dollars by banks.

He noted that banks were hoarding dollars to make a kill on foreign exchange and asked the banks to be patriotic and save Kenyans from suffering.

“When other financial institutions are making losses due to deteriorating exchange rates, commercial banks are making abnormal profits,” he claimed.

Other MPs who accompanied the Speaker included, Hon. Jane Kihara, Hon. Jane Kagiri, Hon. Martin Papela, Hon. Githua wa Mashukuru, Hon. Joseph Makilap, Hon. Joseph Kamau Munyoro and Hon. Ken Aramat.

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