July 20, 2024
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During the CCM media Briefing in Nairobi.


The leaders of Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) have today highlighted and condemned the use of force by police and arrest observed during the peaceful protests Yesterday.

“We commend the Concerned Citizens for the manner in which they conducted themselves during the peaceful protests in the last few days even though 335 of them were arrested for holding constitutionally protected peaceful protests.
The Kenya Kwanza administration, since taking over office has killed Kenyans’ hope of the brighter future they promised through the Bottom-up Economic Transformation Agenda. Kenyans are suffering because of the incompetent people appointed in serious positions and end up stealing and politicking. This includes heads of parastatals, top police officers, PSs and even cabinet secretaries with Scandals after Scandals. To Kenyans, enough is enough.” Said Prof.Fred Ogola TrailBlazer Business strategies and Citizens Movement.

He further observed that, the whole matter began with the formation of incompetent executive unfortunately approved by Parliament. They have been busy with politicking, corruption and unnecessary infighting instead of fixing the economy.


During Madaraka Day 2024, Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) was to launch the Mwananchi bill realizing that citizens had lost their sovereignty because they had lost their power to decide how much taxes they paid, how the taxes are collected and how the taxes are used.
Proper use of tax revenue would guarantee the citizens’ livelihoods, comfort and future.

Prof Fred Ogola further added that, the rallying call of the Mwananchi bill is HAKUNA MADARAKA BILA MAMLAKA, which is to be achieved through DEBE KABLA YA DEBE referendum, to ammend Cap 1 of the Constitution of Kenya. This will give Kenyans the power to recall the president, deputy president or both directly through a referendum because the current constitution has no answer to what Kenyans should do with a president or deputy president who violates the constitution or mismanages the economy but parliament is unwilling or compromised to impeach him or her.

The government forcefully dispersed a legitimate and peaceful procession, arrested and locked up eight of CCM leaders at the Central Police Station for two days.
Therefore, we shall all take action, support the Mananchi Bill, raise at least one million signatures and amend the Constitution of Kenya to enable us to recall a president, deputy president or both, at any time of their tenure, when their service delivery is unsatisfactory.

In that regard CCM demands the following from the government:

  • That first all the Kenyans who were arrested to be released immediately and unconditionally as they simply expressed their constitutional and democratic rlghts,
  • The finance bill to be withdrawn in total. It is unnecessary because more than a third of the proposed 3.99 Trillion budget will go into corruption budgeted or not, that is 1.3 Trilion. Another 1.3 Trillion into wastages through non-priority expenditures. Employing good governance would realize 2.6 Trillion and save Kenyans the killing tax burden,
  • The government to respect the constitution by leaving Concerned Citizens to exercise their sovereignty and right to peaceful protest enshrined in the Constitution of Kenya,
  • The Inspector General of Police and all Police Commanders to ensure the police service remains a police service by protecting peaceful protesters but not using unnecessary force. They must not use live ammunitions or spark violence. There should be no use of Civilian dressed police in harassing and beating Concerned citizens as they exercise their constitutional rights. On this matter they are Concerned citizens not criminals.
  •  That Concerned Citizens to continue exercising their constitutional rights peacefully until our demands are met by the government.


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