July 20, 2024
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East Africa’s largest equipment sharing platform, Quipbank Trust Limited, has signed partnership with Iranian automobile manufacturers, Zamyad Company and Iran’s second-largest car manufacturer, Saipa. The arrangement will see the equipment renter become the dealer for various units including Gas Powered Pickups and distributor for the hybrid Light Commercial Vehicles which are CNG and LPG gas powered and electrical vehicles. These Gas-powered pickups are durable, sleek, and highly efficient. Compared to Diesel and Petrol-powered models, gas is a lot more affordable and therefore guarantees to save clients greatly on expenses an agreement was reached when the parties signed a deal at the state house in Nairobi Kenya, to cater to the increasing demand for vehicles to boost sales rates. As part of the agreement between the firms, the equipment renter has also entered into a partnership to get electric vehicles (EVs) from Iran’s second-largest car manufacturer, Saipa.

This distribution agreement is an exclusive agreement for dispensing at least 1000 units of various models of vehicles manufactured by the Iranian firm which now has presence in four continents including Africa through Kenya. This comes two months after the two firms signed a cooperation agreement in Nairobi with the top management of the two firms. The Kenyan Iranian ambassador attached in Kenya Jafar Barmaki, played a key role in the agreement.

“The dealership is to support operations of the auto manufactures within the region utilizing our experience and expertise that spans for decades. The strong vehicles from Zamyad will help many citizens, especially in the rural areas that need such strong vehicles to withstand rough, bumpy and unleveled terrains. These vehicles are all-terrain and will help a lot, especially during the rainy seasons,” said Mr. Paul Njeru, Regional Managing Director regional the equipment renter.

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